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1. Network Solution
  • Allied Telesis NetWork
Allied Telesis engineers high-performance, high-quality, future-proof products to meet all of your cutting-edge voice, video and data networking needs.
Allied Telesis routers are able to deliver the breadth of functionality that small and medium-sized businesses require at a price point they can afford, and with a confirmed reliability.
Media Converters
All Allied Telesis wireless solutions have "best of breed" performance, especially when security features and authentication protocols are required for network robustness.
We offer converters in a variety of standalone, multiport and modular port form factors to address different applications and conversion densities.
Network Interface Cards
The Allied Telesis iMAP is the ideal carrier-grade transport solution for Triple Play service delivery. For the iMAPs are available in different sizes and densities and offer many plug-and-play access capabilities.
Allied Telesis Network Adapters are high-functioning, reliable and cost-effective. They include software diagnostics for trouble-free
maintenance , traffic and troubleshooting & are available in a variety of connection options.
Network Management Software
Allied Telesis offers a wide variety of accessories to round out your end-to-end network solution, including converters, expansion and service modules, power supplies, mounting hardware and cabling.
Our network management software tools can help you visualize and plan for network growth while maintaining the health and performance of your network.
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