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Security Solutions
Networking equipment
Optical Power Meter
Film 3 M
Heat Insulate Paint

6. Packing material 
Palette & Cap
Good size to suit container.
Light weight, small space, easy to load.

High durable PP synthetic resin with Tri-wall sleeve makes strong and long life packaging.
Palette weight is only 7.6Kg, no need to use fork-lift to move palette.
Logi Pack
Palette & Cap are possible recycle use.
It is good for environment of earth.
When load your products, put the palette and set Tri-wall sleeve only one side, then load products.
Very easy to load products.
After loading products all, set other side of sleeve and cover by cap.
Then bind them by belt.
Logi Pack can be pile up and of its size is just good high for container.
You can use the space of container as just in.
Save transportation and stock cost.
After unloading products, separate as palette & cap & sleeves.
Save big space to carry back.
Size & Weight
Palette 1150mm/1150mm/40mm/7.6kg
Cap 1132mm/1132mm/40mm/3.9kg
Sleeve 1110mm/1095mm/1070mm/5kg x2

Package Examaple
Flexible containers
Corrugated cartons
Foundation material
Wire drums
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