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3. PVD Fine coating
Coating service for cutting tools, mold die and automobile Manufacturers.
IN 2008 new DLC coating machine will install.
It will be the first DLC service in THAILAND.
(GOLD) TiN fine coating
The "GOLD" is TiN (Titanium Nitride) coating. It has 600degC heat resistance, superior anti-wear, anti-corrosion resistance.
It can be used for not only the cutting tools, be used for not only the cutting tools, but also die, wire-cutter, plastic injection parts and so on widely
(CN) TiCN fine coating
"CN" is TiCN (Titanium-carbon-Nitride) coating. The advantages are high film hardness and good sliding property because of the effect which contains carbon.
It has approximately 600degC heat resistance, anti-wear and anti-sticking property.
It is suitable for the cutting tools, punch, die, pin and so on.
(ENDULO) TiAIN fine coating
The "ENDULO" coating is mainly structured by TiAIN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride).
It has a high temperature anti-oxidation resistance because of the effect which contains aluminum.
It is suitable for dry, and high speed cutting tools.
Our coating condition are optimized for the tool kind or tool materials, so an excellent tool performance will be obtained.
(DULA) CrN fine coating
"DULA" is CrN (chromium nitride) coating. It has about 800degC heat resistance and anti-wear property. The Vickers hardness of wet plating hard chromium is about 1,000.
But in the case of PVd coating CrN film, it is about 1,600, much harder than wet planting. It means anti-wear property is superior to wet plating.

Furthermore, it has an excellent anti-sticking property against a nonferrous metal. It is applied for example the cutting tools for copper material
DLC coating
DLC Film Properties
Items Characteristics
1 Low Friction Coefficient of friction : 0.1-0.2
2 Corrosion Resistance Good performance in corrosion environment
3 Heat Resistance Over 500degC
4 Vickers Hardness (Hv) Over 2000 Hv
5 Film Thickness & Color 1-2 u m, Black

Suitable Applications
Mold & Die for Aluminum alloy, lead Frame and Lens Sliding Mecanical Parts
An abrastion occurs first of all the "sur-face". 
A friction is affected by the conditions of "surface". The surface has very important meanings in such phenomenon. If we can make the only surface of goods harder, we can decrease an abrasion, extend the tools life of cutting tools, punch/die, part. If we can make the only surface of goods more lubricant, we can avoid the sticking, improve the energy efficiency.

The PVD is such coating technology that forms a few micron hard film on tools. The hardness of PVD is higher than tungsten carbide super-hard material. In comparison with hard-chromium, nitriding too, the PVD film is much harder. The only few microns film is improves anti-wear property dramatically.
Because the thickness is a few microns, we can avoid the dimension changing problems except the application that require very precise accuracy.
Furthermore, the hardness of high temperature tempering steel such as SKH,SKD is not lost because the coating temperature is controlled on 450°C. Our PVD coating service can be selected among four kind of film as following table. Our engineer will advise which film is most suitable on your application.
Suitable tools
Coat temp
Carbide, Hss
Carbide, Hss
Carbide, Hss
Carbide, Hss
Carbide, Hss
Tool for Aluminum
WE, NISSIN Electric Co., Ltd. Has been developed while 20 years. After that we developed the PVD coating tech nology which shows smooth surface and high adhesion. We successfully commercialize the coating equipments and engage in the machine manufacturing and sales business. Nissin's coating equiments are widely used for the cutting tools, punch/die, machine-parts, decorative goods, medical items, engine-parts of automobile.
Large Type for Press Die 2 Times/Day

1. Information requirements
(1) Item Name, quantity, film to be coat
(2) purpose and usage outline
(3) Material name and heat treatment
(4) Shape, indication to coating, masking
2. Material
(1) No-degrade material at 500°C coating temperature, should be selected.
Small Type for Short Delivery 3 Times/Day
A: Suitable materials
SKD 4,5,6,7,8,61,62
B: Material to be careful
hardening-->sub-zero-->tempering ( > 530° C > 2 times)
C: lmpossible materials
Low temp. tempering steel
(2) Blazed tools should not contain cadmium nor zinc, should not remain the flux.
Blazing should be done higher than 600°C
(3) Avoid the magnetism remaining to prevent the sticking of the metal powder.
In this case, de-magnetizing process is necessary.
3. Surface finishing
The metal surface should be bare metal material with luster.Following is not suitable for coating.
Wet plating
Rust neither stain
Oxide layer such as burn while machining
Carbonizing, Nitriding, Homo (FeO) treatment
As thermal treatment
Burnish finishing
Blast finishing
Metal buff
4. Favorable Finishing
(1) In order to make luster surface, the following finishing is favorable.
a) Grind finishing
Clogged grindstone causes bad adhesion of coating, the enough dressing is necessary.
b) Polish finishing
Use the grain such as diamond or SiC. After polishing, please remove the grain perfectly.
c) Electric discharge machining
After EDM, remove the damaged skin by machining or chemical process.
(2) After finishing as above, spray oil immediately to avoid rust Or wrap by anti-rust paper.
(3) Surface roughness shall be finished more than 0.8S.
5. Others
(1) Avoid the burr. If possible, chamfer RO.1-0.2
(2) Avoid the sticking of machining residue and foreign particles.
(3) To support the item for coating, please consider to make shank, hole, taps and so on.
(4) In the case of the coating in the hole, aspect ratio is smaller than 1:1
(5) Press fitting, shrink fitting, assembling are not suitable for coating, please consider that
items should be one part.
(6) On transportation, please consider cushions to avoid physical damages.
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