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1. Busduct
Since Busduct system has a lot of merits, the modern building like ones of cities or hotels are put it to a good use, as time main bus.It is also used regularly from the respect of nationality and good economy in electric power supply for the factories.
Sumidens supplier manufactures every kind of busduct system including static and dynamic distribution system. You can find a busduct system from Sumiden(SITT) which is quite suitable for any every installation application. Sumidens busduct system provides power conveniently wherever it is needs.
- Standardized up to 6300A current capacity.
- Long life and high safety.
- Fit into any neatly.
- Interchangeable feeders and plug-in sections.
- Easy installation and maintenance.
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HV Bus duct
 Outdoor LV Bus duct
 Indoor LV Bus duct
Plug-in SW Unit
End Feed-in Unit
Plug-in Feeder
Line Duct
Plug-in SW Unit
(Mini Bus duct)
Center Feed-in Unit
(Line Duct)
Panel Connection
Tap-Off Feeder
Mini Bus duct
Plug-in Feeder
Plug-in SW Unit
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