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Film 3 M
Heat Insulate Paint

4. Eco-Lighting
Polyhedron Reflector
Structured with high-efficeiency polyhedron reflector and with PVD mirror process, it realizes most efficient light reflection with small light source to bring you stronger illumination.
95% Reflectance PVD mirror processed material
Applying world patented material that has the reflectance of 95%, deposition* with titanium and silicon on 99.99% aluminum base.
* deposition = A technology to thin coat on a materia in a vacuumed environment by heating. Deposition metal and nonmetal.
Over 50% cut in heat generation
NANOMIC Eco Light System, applied with polyhedron reflector processed with PVD carries higher reflection efficiency and contributes in reducing the heat generation. Low heat generation of the apparatuses will boost up the air-condition efficiency thus reduces the load on the cooling system. It allows keeping the environment pleasant and at the same time cuts down the air conditioning cost.
Cuts electricity consumption by about 50%*
PVD processed polyhedron reflector, the NANOMIC Eco Light System allows you to have stronger illumination with small light source. For an example, 150W metal Halide lamp will give you the same effect as 400Wmercury lamp. This allows you to cut down the number of lamps without cutting down the light source thgus a huge cut down in eclectricity comsumption.
*(Depending on the application)
For an examply, when replacing 100 units of 400W mercury lamp with 100 units of NANOMIC Eco Light System 150W
Befor Rplacing
After Replacing
400W Mercurry Lamp 100 units
NANOMIC Eco Light System 150W 100 units
0.44kw x 18hrs. x 360days x THB3.0/kwh x 100units = 855,360.00 THB
0.165kw x 18hrs. x 360days x THB3.0/kwh x 100units = 320,760.00 THB
Cuts down annual electricity cost by THB 534,600.00 per years
Equipment of NANOMIC Eco Light System
1. Reflector
2. Metal Halide Lamp
3. Gear Box Ballast
4.E27Socket Connector
Built in Type
Separate Type
Use this item in case of Separate Type Gear Box Ballast only
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